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  • Active Ingredients: Artemether 80mg & Lumenfantrine 480mg
  • Mechanism Of Action: Artemether and Lumenfantrine (AL) is an antimalarial, artemisin based combination. Artemether is an artemisin derivative. This metabolite undergoes cleavage of it’s endoperoxidase ring inside the erythrocytes. As the drug molecules come in contact with the harm, the Iron II oxide breaks the endoperoxidase ring. This produces free radicals that in turn damage susceptible proteins, resulting in the death of the parasite. Lumenfantrine which has a longer half life compared to artemether clears any residual parasites that remains after treatment.
  • Indications: Treatment of uncomplicated malaria caused by P.falciparum or with other Plasmodium spp.
  • Note: Not recommended for initial therapy in severe malaria, and for chemoprophylaxis.
  • Dose: Adult & Child over 12yrs, with body weight over 35kg, AL as fixed dose is given by mouth twice daily for 3 days, with the 2nd dose given 8hrs after the 1st dose.
  • 5-14kg- 1 tablet twice daily; 15-24kg- 2 tablets twice daily; 25-34kg- 3tablets  twice daily.
  • AL 80/480mg over 34kg: 1 tablet twice daily for 3 days.
  • Drug Formulation: Tablet
  • Quantity Per Pack: 6 Tablets
  • Place Of Production: Swiss Pharma PVT LTD
  • Marketing Company: Discovery Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Nafdac No: B4-2226


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